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To customers all over the world!

 We are a travel agency in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture, in the middle of Japan. When traveling to a foreign country, if you have a friend in there,

a lot of things go easier.

 Liberty Tours will help you a pleasant journey like your Japanese friend.

Please feel free to ask us any kind of questions using the form. 

(We have staffs can speak italian too!) 


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CRAFT YOUR TRAVEL EXPERIENCE!We'll help you to book your hands-on workshop and to learn the secrets of the japanese artisans.


​with Whatsapp

There's a lot of Japanese Tours but our special offer is helping you with whatspp during your travel in Japan.

As soon as you need some help we'll advice you closely on your palm!

Gift Trip


To promote sales of stores, how about giving a special "memories"   for your clients? Please choose "travel" as a gift that remains in their heart.

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